ShelterTech Accelerator, since its launch in September 2018, has extended its support to the four selected startups in the first phase. This cohort was selected through a multi-layered evaluation from a pool of 77 applications.

As part of the support, these startups have received intensive advisory and consulting support that has helped them redefine their business models and set priorities and roadmaps for the next few months. The startups have been part of three days workshop that included day long diagnostic session.

The workshop helped the startups to revisit their primary assumptions and business model. After, a rigorous session with the expert, the startups emerged with their business models adequately revamped. The diagnostic sessions were setup where these startups were introduced to experts from their field who could address the issues identified by the startups regarding their product. This also helped the startups identify their priorities and support required to achieve the milestones. The experts in the diagnostics, both from technical and entrepreneurial background, gave a direction to the startups in their next steps.

The startups have since the workshop returned to the usual business but continue to work on their milestones. Based on the discussions between the startup and the team, the business clinics are being set-up. These will be four - five hours of one on one sessions focused on one aspect of their roadmap, in which the startups work with the experts to come out with a solution approach for the problem in-hand. While each of the startups would have received approximately 45 hours of intensive mentoring and advisory; they cumulatively have received access to around 12 experts for different challenges.